"I’m drawn to artists who use their hands and come to know the inherent nature of the materials they work with through extensive individual exploration. The artists I represent have developed an intuitive sense of form, texture and color."

Kirsten Muenster Projects is an online space that showcases one-of-a-kind work reflecting a deep love of craft, material and process. Kirsten has been immersed in the contemporary fine craft field for over 20 years, representing established and emerging US and international artists. She is guided by a very distinct point of view that values authenticity, craftsmanship and innovation. Kirsten is also a jeweler working out of her studio in San Francisco, CA. This “project” is about pulling together a collection of work that shares a common aesthetic - rooted in a love of material and the natural world.

Kirsten worked with del Mano Gallery, a leading contemporary craft gallery in Los Angeles for 10 years. As Director she curated annual catalogued exhibitions like Turned & Sculpted Wood, Turned Wood-Small Treasures, Hot Tea and Contemporary Baskets as well as solo and group exhibitions for master craftsmen Bob Stocksdale, Kay Sekimachi, Sam Maloof, David Ellsworth and William Hunter, to name a few. After moving to San Francisco in 2006 she continued to curate multiple off-site exhibitions for del Mano Gallery and later for William Zimmer Gallery. Exhibitions include: Sculpture Objects Functional Art & Design (SOFA) New York & Chicago, LA Art Show and Art Palm Beach.

Kirsten presents an intimately curated selection of work by her artists at the SOFA Expo (Sculpture Objects Functional Art & Design) in Chicago every year. To learn about this year's exhibition, or to reserve tickets, please contact the gallery.