Chittum Burl Spoon


Material and Technique
Chittum Burl
Hand Carved
1" H x 4.75" W x 3.5" L

About The Work
This spoon is made from a very rare American exotic wood.

It’s the play of heartwood and sapwood, color, unusual grain, knots, textures, or anomalies that suggests the spoons that lie within each piece of wood. The pieces begin with a rough shape on a band saw and are transformed by power carving tools, die grinders, files, and hours of handwork. A finished spoon is as smooth and detailed as a fine piece of jewelry.

I have felt compelled to make spoons since I started woodworking. To me 'spoon' is just another category, similar to 'bowl', 'plate', or 'teapot'. Within each category are infinite varieties of form, size, texture, abstraction, color, and emotion. The character of the raw pieces of wood and my sensitivity at the time I am working contribute more than my concern for function. Inspiration, for me, is intuitive, and so far I am unable to turn it on at will; however, I am aware when it comes. My goal is to make spoons that people will view as special objects, small treasures that give them pleasure to touch, to look at, to own.

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