Material and Technique
Hackberry, Acrylic Paint, Colored Pencils
Lathe Turned, Carved
28.75" L x 12.25" Dia

About The Work
All my work is based on the beauty of wood. I mainly use roots from my countryside because they are so colorful, and I need very fine burls to get these very delicate pieces. I consider that there is a correspondence between all the species living on Earth. For example, you can find animal or mineral shapes in roots and vegetable forms, and in stone or bones. We humans are linked with all things growing on the Earth. That is what I feel when I make my sculptures. These creatures seem to be alive, because I first turn growing shapes, like flower shapes. I reproduce the expansion of a flower or all circular structures that you can find in the universe. For me the birth of these objects is the incarnation of a dream.

Category: Alain Mailland

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