Material and Technique
Sycamore, Pigment
Lathe Turned, Carved, Pigmented
11” H x 7.5” Dia

About The Work
Estuary - where freshwater river meets saltwater sea. Our coastal wetlands, marshes, and mangroves are among the world’s most productive ecosystems. This salty-freshwater mix is where life begins.

My current work is an Estuary of sorts, a rich mix of past discovery and future possibility. This one was completed on my 80th birthday. I drew my color palate from the Sycamore tree itself. Subtle greenish hues of its dappled outer bark, give way to the warm blush of its heartwood. Beaks and grasses are colored by heartwood reading through the burnished pigments. This work recalls the peace and serenity I’ve found, exploring the backwaters and remote beaches of Southwest Florida. An area left devastated by Hurricane Ian.

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