Layered Resplendence 32 - Collaboration


Material and Technique
Shakudo, Shibuichi, Copper, Fine Silver, Sterling Silver, 23-Karat Gold Leaf
Fused Mokume Gane, Raised, Chased
2 3/4” H x 4 1/4” Dia

About The Work
This piece is a collaboration between David Barnhill and David Huang. David Barnhill is making and patterning the sheet of mokume gane, a laborious technique that involves fusing together many layers of different metal. David Huang does the raising and forming of the vessel. This piece was made from a sheet of 31 layer shakudo 6%, shibuichi 10%, copper 101, fine silver mokume gane, sterling silver, and 23-karat gold leaf. It was formed with angle raising techniques and further decorated with chasing techniques.

This piece is SOLD, please contact me to inquire about available work in this style.

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