Luminous Relic 1694


Material and Technique
Copper, Fine Silver, 23-Karat Gold Leaf
Raised, Chased, Patinated
3.5” H x 3.5” Dia

About The Work
This vessel was formed with traditional angle raising techniques then further embellished with chasing techniques and finished with a unique patina.

The chased design work on this vessel began in a rather open ended fashion. I really had no clue where it was going to end up when I started. All I knew was that I wanted to utilize the sort of cross hatched "chaotic basket" weave texture as a background element. I began by just drawing a few curving lines, carefully studying the interplay of forms to let them tell me where other lines and forms needed to be. Initially just a few major shapes were developed and chased in. On a subsequent course of work I went back and created another layer of more intricate forms within these major shapes, working to develop a harmonious flow around the whole piece. Much head scratching was involved to find the solutions to the design puzzles that emerged. In the end I feel like a beautiful design emerged. It's a piece I'm quite happy with.

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