Material and Technique
Maple, Pigment
Lathe Turned, Carved, Pierced, Pigmented
2 3/4” H x 6” Dia

About The Work
The pierced work stems from a trip I took to Southern Spain, to the ancient Mesquite in Cordoba. An amazing example of Moorish Architecture, I was inspired by the patterns, in the architecture, the decoration and by the intricate windows, a myriad of stars and shapes that cast incredible shadows deep into the interior of the building. I am also fascinated by light. From the science of photons to the beauty of shadows, light is a beguiling subject. Working with light provides another dimension to these pieces as the shadows they cast add drama to the work. There is as much detail in what is missing.

I combine thin walled turning and add painstaking precise piercing. Piercing is done freehand using a tiny milling burr, care has to be taken to group the holes tightly together and because of this, the process takes the majority of the time. It is imperative that the original bowl is perfect in terms of its wall thickness and that the design is carefully plotted.

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