Ocean Edge Vessel


Material and Technique
Irish Sycamore
Lathe Turned, Carved, Bleached and Limed
19"H x 11"Dia

About The Work
After taking part in the ITE in Philadelphia in 2017 I decided to concentrate on the vessel form as opposed to the more sculptural multi axis work I made beforehand. Very quickly my focus shifted to form, volume and texture rather than the colour and figure of the wood often associated with Turned vessels. While sitting on a storm beach here in Ireland, I pickup up a beach pebble and I was struck by it’s satisfying shape and subtle texture. Around that time my grandmother’s eyesight failed and this lead to me wondering how visually impaired people could experience my work, so I started to create charred vessels with a three dimensional raised grain pattern and I pursued this line for more than a year. All of my work is somehow linked to and informed by the beautiful, rugged Atlantic coastline where I live, often in a very subtle and almost imperceptible way. I wanted to develop this influence more directly without it taking over the pieces. I feel my current work communicates this effectively. The carved EDGE represents the waves, sometimes large and powerful, other times quite dormant. The carved texture left behind by hundreds, and in a large piece, thousands of swoops of a razor sharp gouge represent the surface of the ocean. Light reflects off these much like the setting sun reflects off the surf, and they’re really satisfying to touch.

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