Material and Technique
Green Oak
Lathe Turned, Sandblasted
7.5" H x 9” W x 8” D

About The Work
This piece is turned on four axes from green oak before being carved and once dry, sandblasted. This is what I regard as my signature piece, as I initially invested a lot of thought and time figuring out how to make these forms, going through many lathe mounting experiments before figuring out how it can be accomplished.

Brosi's work is typified by simple, reduced forms, turned over multiple axis' from wet wood. After turning, the pieces are left to distort as they dry before being sandblasted to reveal the grain. Brosi works in distinct sculptural series, each communicating a concept or expressing an idea. Some series use carving, texturing, and metals, to achieve this end. He is driven by a desire to expose the honesty and imperfection in the material, often bleaching or ebonizing the sandblasted wood so that all the viewer is left with are form and texture.